Want to get involved? Join a ministry or fellowship!

Men’s Ministry

The men of Faith Christian Center are not only active in the church, but also in regular outings and activities. The activities are held on a quarterly basis. The Men’s fellowship is a wonderful place to give and receive support, provide encouragement, and build life-long friendships.


Women’s Ministry

Come and connect with women with similar interests and backgrounds. We meet regularly to fellowship and build relationships. It is a place where relationships are formed and strengthened; a place where you can learn to be equipped for the storms of life; and a place where people will stick with you through life’s toughest challenges. It is a place where people really care about you!


Women’s Bible Study

Every Wednesday evening, women gather for fellowship, encouragement and support. We dig into the Scriptures and learn to walk in God’s Word. Fellowship does not end with the Bible study, but we gather afterwards to break bread and build relationships.


Prayer School

Prayer School meets at 10 am each Sunday. We pray for the needs of our nation, our family, our church, and our friends, as directed by God. It is a place where you will learn to be effective in prayer, both in a corporate setting and in your personal life.



Youth meets every 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. Youth is all about young people coming together from all over San Antonio worshipping Jesus and growing in their relationships; it’s about being part of something REAL! Discover the REAL truth of God’s love for you and develop REAL friendships with REAL people, and who knows…you might decide to stay because the people you meet and the God you get to know is REAL!


G-Force Kids

At G-Force Kids, it’s all about God! We believe that the children’s service should be just as vibrant, active, and inspiring as adults. Every service and activity is designed and taught with the purpose of raising up EXTRAORDINARY KIDS with an EXTRAORDINARY PURPOSE for the EXTRAORINDARY GOD!

Paratroopers-1st grade to 5th grade
Calvary-Kindergarten to 3 years-old
Infantry-Newborn to 2 years-old


Meeting times and locations are subject to change. Please visit our events page to learn more and see our most up to date schedule of events.